Hello. My name is Roman Rütten I am a german director, writer and photographer based in Brooklyn. I want to take a more personal approach in sharing my story, rather than the typical third-person narrative. I feel incredibly fortunate to work in the creative industry and have the opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse range of talented and inspiring people from various backgrounds, orientations, and skillsets. My work has allowed me to see the world, and I absolutely love it.

Every project I take on is unique, requiring its own set of rules. Over the years, I've explored various genres, from documentaries and fashion to commercials, narrative, and animation—the latter being my original field of study in Germany. I still enjoy incorporating VFX into my work whenever possible. However, what I'm most passionate about are human stories. I'm humbled by the chance to work with diverse and inclusive casts, and many of their stories have deeply touched me. While the creative industry is ultimately a business, I cherish the genuine human moments I've experienced along the way.

Living in New York for over 12 years has shaped me and taught me so much. In everything I do, I strive to find beauty and create something I can be proud of when it's released into the world. Receiving awards and recognition is fantastic, but what truly matters to me is whether a film moves or touches people, or simply brings a smile to their face.Outside of my commercial work, I'm drawn to narrative projects that help me grow as a storyteller. After all, stories are at the heart of what we do—they're primal. I love dreaming, writing, and directing stories, ideally without relying too much on AI. I'm currently working on my first feature script, "Amira," and adapting my short film "Life of a Stranger" into a full-length project. I'm excited to collaborate and create memorable films together.

And hey if you don't see me making or thinking about films. I probably run around the city with my M10 photographing.