It is an art collection of the indigenous folk HUNI KUIN also know as Kaxinawa, including the same-titled short movie, a book, art exhibitions and a charity project.
The intention of this project is to inspire people to think about the fundaments of living in consonance with the environment, our needs, ourselves and with that - our future. 
Told through an artistic and philosophical perspective, the aim is to touch the hearts, so the conscious mind learns to listen again. 
"Children of the Forgotten" gives unique insight in the tropical rainforest, its natives, their traditions and habits. Although, with a critical look at their exploitation and position in todays society.

How do you define your home? Your save „room“? By a floor, a rooftop, a wall? What is behind that wall? Beyond our house, our safe room? In the western world we see our home as something private, that we own. Our safe harbor at a stormy sea. No matter what happens at home things are good. So we present this room as something independent, in which we exist as individuals. But this is an illusion, more likely our home is just a room in a bigger house. And if a wall or a roof in this bigger house collapses, so does it fall effectively on all of us. We are all connected with each other. We live together on this world, not standing on top but within her. A connection that reaches beyond any floor, any wall or any rooftop. This knowledge, which we all share, is deeply rooted in us, but we forgot about it and need to learn it again.

It is important to create an awareness in which we know, that for everything we take we have to give back, to keep the balance of the world maintained. In this sense we need to learn to walk away from pure profitable economic interests to sustainable decisions. Because we need to keep this world alive. We don’t owe this only to ourselves, but to our children, our future. Here we can learn so much from people who we define as poor by western definition of wealth. But they own something that WE forgot. We need to use the chance we have to create a shift in our thinking. Because if we listen deeply inside of ourselves and follow our hearts, we know what is right and what is wrong. We can only be guided by one driving power, the power of love.

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